Credit Terms

For Customers Seeking Credit Limits

As a limited company, we extend 30-day end-of-month credit facilities to most businesses with the assistance of third-party insurers. Many customers seek credit limits as it affords them the flexibility to pay for products at least a month after receipt, allowing ample time for installation and subsequent payment collection from their own clients. This practice aids in minimizing upfront costs and deposits for installers, thereby enhancing the competitiveness of their quotations for end-users.

Another notable benefit of opening a credit account, even if you opt to pay upfront for each order, is the provision for an Advanced Replacement in the unfortunate event of a product malfunction covered under our 30-Day No Quibble Guarantee or the Dahua Advanced Replacement Warranty (DARW). Advanced Replacements enable us to promptly dispatch a brand new replacement prior to receiving the faulty product. The value of the replacement is debited from your credit account on a next-day basis, and subsequently credited back upon confirmation of the fault by our Technical team, eliminating the need for interim payments.

The extent of your borrowing capacity (your company's credit limit) is contingent upon various factors including your company's size, credit score, history, and references. We encourage you to promptly notify our accounts team of any payment issues or disputes pertaining to invoices and statements.

For detailed procedures and terms, please refer below. You may request a credit limit at your convenience using our online form located here: Credit Account Request Form.

Requesting Credit

Form: Credit Account Request | Email:

Whether you're a current customer or new to our services, you have the liberty to request a credit account anytime through our Credit Account Request Form. Alternatively, you may formally request a credit increase by reaching out via email to our accounts team.

Processing Your Request

Please Allow 2-3 Working Days

Upon receipt of your request, our diligent accounts team initiates insurance verifications and contacts your provided references. Kindly allocate up to three days for this process, particularly if there's limited trading history, as we await responses from your references.


Within 30 Days After Month's End

We're pleased to accommodate the majority of credit account requests, and our accounts team will promptly confirm your complete credit terms and available value. Subsequently, you may commence utilizing your credit limit for orders and training deposits.

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