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Battery Monitor BMV-712 Smart Retail

Battery Monitor BMV-712 Smart Retail

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The Victron Energy BMV-712 Smart Battery Monitor stands out as Victron Energy's premier battery monitoring solution, offering a simple yet effective way to keep tabs on your electrical system. Featuring an intuitive screen designed for electrical system control panels, this smart battery monitor is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, enabling seamless monitoring through the VictronConnect app.

Key Features:

Comprehensive Monitoring:

Keep track of crucial battery parameters, including state of charge, temperature, and voltage.
Monitor incoming and outgoing loads, providing real-time insights into your electrical system's performance.

VictronConnect App:

Utilize the VictronConnect app, available for download on Android and iOS devices, to access advanced monitoring and customization features.
View all important data on a single screen, customize settings, and access historical data effortlessly.
Enjoy the flexibility to update the software whenever new features are introduced.

Bluetooth Connectivity:

Built-in Bluetooth functionality enables wireless communication with the VictronConnect app, ensuring convenient and cable-free monitoring.

Temperature Sensor Compatibility:

Connect the BMV-712 to your leisure batteries using the separately available temperature sensor (not included). This enhances accuracy by incorporating temperature data into the monitoring process.

Easy Installation:

Electrical connections are simplified through the quick-connect PCB on the shunt, streamlining the installation process.
The shunt, which is included, connects to the monitor using a standard RJ12 telephone cable.

Included Components:

Comes with a 500A shunt to facilitate accurate current measurement.
A 10m RJ12 cable is included for connecting the shunt to the monitor.
Front bezel included for both square and round display appearances.
Securing ring provided for rear mounting, along with screws for front mounting.

Versatile Mounting Options:

Front bezel and securing ring allow for flexible mounting options, catering to both square and round display preferences.

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