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Black front for EV Charging station NS

Black front for EV Charging station NS

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Victron EV Charging Station NS – Black Front Cover (EVC200300310)

Please note: This is just the Black Front Cover.

The EV Charging Station NS boasts of both single-phase and three-phase capabilities, allowing for a maximum 22kW AC in the latter and 7.3kW in the former.

Functionally, this device bears resemblance to the EV Charging Station. However, it features a modern design, available in a choice of three colours, and it is stripped of the built-in LCD screen.

VictronConnect handles the initial setup, configuration, and monitoring through Bluetooth, the integrated web interface via WiFi Access Point, or a WiFi LAN.

This charger can be seamlessly integrated into the Victron Energy GX Device and VRM systems, permitting remote control of the station. Moreover, with solar energy incorporated into the Victron ecosystem, excess solar energy can be utilized to power your vehicle. Manual and scheduled modes allow for further flexibility to satisfy the EV’s requirements, depending on the system.

The charging port is surrounded by an entirely programmable RGB light ring that flashes varying light effects based on the current state of the charger (connected, charging, fully charged, etc.), offering a quick way to determine the device’s status.

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