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SE120 Tunnel thruster, 24V

SE120 Tunnel thruster, 24V

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SE120 Tunnel thruster 24V


SE120 is suitable for modern boats between 42-60 feet with a need for maximum power in a relatively small tunnel diameter of 215 mm and provides 120-139 kg of thrust. Can be mounted in the bow and stern. 

The thruster offers great installation flexibility as it can be mounted at any angle on the tunnel. Additionally, the electric motor can be rotated 90 degrees on the motor bracket. 

It is galvanically isolated and features Sleipner's patented IPC technology for intelligent power control and safety.


Power Value

Power Source Electric
Voltage 24V DC
Power Output 6.4kW / 8.55hp
Thrust at 24V 139kg / 306lbs
Thrust at 21V 120kg / 264lbs
Current Draw 420A
Min. Battery CCA (DIN) 450
Min. Battery CCA (SAE) 855
Min. Battery CCA (EN) 760
Recommended fuse ANL 325

Operational Intention Value

Ideal Vessel Class Motor boat, Sail boat
Ideal Vessel Size 13-18m / 42-60ft
Bow Capability Yes
Stern Capability Yes
Retractable Capability No
External Mounting Capability No
Tunnel Capability Yes

Weight Value

Weight 34kg / 74lbs

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