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Stern tunnel kit 250mm, split

Stern tunnel kit 250mm, split

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Stern tunnel kit 250mm, split

The new 250mm tunnel features split-tunnel assembly for easier installation and integrated support for thruster motor and bracket, eliminating the need for an external support strut inside the boat. The split assembly makes it possible to mount the stern thruster from outside the transom, saving time and heavy lifting within crowded spaces.

  • Tunnel halves snap together after mounting gearleg/propellers
  • Groves for application of sealant
  • Extra metal support brackets
  • Integrated support struts for each of the four motor bracket legs
(H) Height 350mm / 13.8in
(L) Length 345mm / 13.6in
(+L) Additional Length 40.5mm / 1.6in
(W) Width 350mm / 13.8in
(D) Diameter 330mm / 13in
(ID) Internal Diameter 250mm / 9.8in
(a) 350mm / 13.8in
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