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Peak Power Pack 12,8V/20Ah - 256Wh

Peak Power Pack 12,8V/20Ah - 256Wh

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The Victron Energy Peak 12.8V 20Ah Power Pack is a complete substitute for heavy lead acid batteries in applications where high currents occur for short time. Being primarily meant for caravan movers, it is equipped with a built-in charger allowing charging from the vehicle electrical system whilst travelling with the caravan. This way the pack will be fully charged upon arrival to the camping site. If necessary, the charging is possible using the supplied adapter via a grid outlet. Charging from a solar panel is also possible.


Features Peak Power Pack 12.8V 20Ah

Lightweight and easy to install
– Ideal for mobile applications.


Effective protection against improper use
– Ideal for solar power and other applications where excessive discharge might quickly cause damage to lead acid batteries.


Storage mode
– Reduces power consumption to almost zero. Prevents damage due to excessive discharge of the battery during storage.


Remote control with status indicator

– Push button (supplied) with a dual-colour LED status indicator:

  • Short push of the button: high capacity output activated for 30 minutes (mover applications), red LED
  • Hold down for 2 seconds: high capacity output always activated, slow flashing red LED.
  • Hold down for 5 seconds: storage mode, blue LED flashes 10 times
  • Battery is charged via input 1: slow flashing blue LED
  • Battery fully charged: blue LED
  • Overload or overheating: flashing red LED


VE.Direct port: can be connected to a PC or smartphone
(VE.Direct to USB or VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart dongle required)



  • Output 1: on / 30-minute timer / off
  • Output 2: on/off
  • Input 1: on/off


  • Battery voltage
  • Temperature and alarms
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